Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour


This week’s photo challenge is The Golden Hour – the first and last hour of sunlight of the day.

Those who know me well, know that I’m not a morning person. On the weekends, when my plans allow it, I like to sleep in late. Ten hours of sleep? Not a problem for me. I know those few precious sleeping hours will be gone when children and pets enter my life, so I’ll enjoy them while I can. Therefore, the first golden hour of the day clearly was ruled out for this challenge.

Now, the last golden hour of the day I can handle.

Some of my favorite moments of my vacations are spent with my husband are sitting out on our balcony, reading a book, drinking a cold beverage, and taking in the sunset that unfolds before us.

The first set of photos were taken in Jamaica. When we checked into our hotel, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton, the front desk guy told us we had the best villa on the resort. We thought he was just trying to charm us, but when we experienced our first sunset of the week, we understood why. With a unobscured view of the ocean facing west, every night we were treated to some of the best sunsets I’ve seen in my life.

(Sidenote: My husband and I got engaged in Jamaica on this trip, so this vacation will always hold a very special place in my heart)


Jamaican sunset


A perfect sunset every night.


Oh look, there’s me!

These next few were taken in Aruba, on our honeymoon. While our resort, Bucuti and Tara, was amazing, along with our view from our balcony in the Tara Suites, the sunsets just couldn’t compare to Jamaica’s.


Taken from our balcony at Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort, looking left, towards the restaurant area.


Maybe just a touch past the Golden Hour, at Passions on the beach restaurant. Our table was literally 20 ft. from the water on the sand.


Alright, fine… cheating just a bit. This photo was taken quite past the Golden Hour, but I’ve always loved this one from our dinner at Flying Fish Bone.



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