Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sign Says

I had the best intentions for this post. I had a great plan. I swear, I did, really. It’s too bad that it all fell through.

It was the first weekend our local farmer’s market. I was super excited for it. The produce, the expected warm sunny weather, hand drawn signs at the market. It was the perfect plan – bright, local produce and hand drawn sign photos combined. But, I guess you know what they say about the best laid plans…

I got so caught up at the market buying fresh, crisp lettuce, farm fresh eggs, a carrot as big as my head, vibrant red radishes, fresh mozzarella, half-sour pickles, that I forgot all about taking out my camera. That, and my hands and arms were completely full. It was only when were loading our bounty into the car that I realized I completely forgot about the challenge.

I was a bit disappointed but I knew I had to bounce back. I haven’t participated in Weekly Photo Challenge in weeks and knew I had to pull through. So, I’ve scoured my archives and found an inspiration photo. It was taken years back at Barcade, in Brooklyn. I decided the rest of my photos for this post would go along with the hand drawn theme, as well a  a strong nod to another theme.

Can you guess what it is?


Barcade, Brooklyn


Harpoon Brewery, Vermont location


Defiant Brewery – Pearl River, New York
(and shamelessly showing off the logo I designed)


Brooklyn Smorgasburg


BOE Winery, Brooklyn

BOE Winery, Brooklyn


3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sign Says

  1. Mmm…beer and Brooklyn, two of my favorite things. I do notice a lot of your photo challenges have included much more NY than NJ. Are you willing to admit we have it better yet? 😛

    • I think it’s that I tend to take more photos when I’m on trips, rather than when I’m somewhere local – which is something I want to try to break away from. I’d like to take more photos, more often in every day life – which is why I started this challenge. Brooklyn does provide some nice scenery though 🙂

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