Weekly Photo Challenge – Pattern


This week’s photo challenge sponsored by The Daily Post is pattern.

I was very excited when new theme was announced last Friday. I planned use one my favorite photography styles of making abstract images out of the ordinary things around me.

Unfortunately, life got in the way. This past week has been insanely busy for me and I’ve barely had enough time to do many of the things I wanted to accomplish. And right now, I don’t even see an end in sight for when I’ll have that much free time until the end of the month.

In all the past photo challenges I’ve always gone out to take new photos. That’s one of the reasons I started participating in the challenge – to challenge myself to actively take more photos, more often. Participating in this challenge is not for me to dig though my archives of digital pictures (because trust me, I have many) only to try to get new readers and views to my blog.

I’ve loved all the challenges so far. I also love all the positive feedback I’ve been getting from my photography as well. So thank you for everyone’s kind words, encouragement, and likes! I really do appreciate it a lot.

But because this week has been so busy, I haven’t gone out to take photos. I still wanted to participate though. So for this one, I have dug through some photo archives and grabbed pictures where the pattern have spoken to me. This is not a pattern I want to happen often. (see what I did there?)

Some are man made, some are natural. Some are subtle, some are stark.  I hope you enjoy them.

Aruba – these little guys were all over the place, just hanging out, on our honeymoon.

Aruba – caves in the national park

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Taken when walking around Brooklyn this past summer.

Patterns of summer – Taken a few years ago at a friends bbq.

Patterns of light – Taken at a Muse Concert at Madison Square Garden a few years ago.

Patterns of Meat – Taken at a wine and cheese party in Brooklyn.

Barcade Pattern – beer bottle caps attached to wall at Barcade in Brooklyn.


3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Pattern

    • Thank you! They are iguanas, and are all over Aruba freely roaming around. Some are small and you have watch your step, others are huge. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your photos are wonderful too!

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