Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


This week’s photo challenge is Culture. My interpretation this week is Wine Culture.

When the theme was announced for this week on Friday, I knew that I had a full weekend of plans ahead me. So that I could post this challenge in a timely matter, “culture” would have to be worked into my existing plans. Fortunately, my friends and I visited Brotherhood Winery on Sunday.

Brotherhood is America’s oldest functioning winery, located in Washintonville, New York. They have been established since 1839, and because they also made religious wine, they were able to stay open during prohibition. They’ve had many different owners over the years and now owned by a combination of three prominent Chilean wine makers. The Washintonville location houses their factory/bottling plant plus their cellars and wine shop, while their grapes are grown mostly at their vineyard in Hudson N.Y..

My favorite wines of the day was their Blanc de Blanc champagne, made from Chardonnay grapes and their Cabernet Sauvignon. The Merlot, made from grapes grown in Long Island N.Y., was also notable. I’m not a big fan of sweet wines, but if you are, they have a wide range in the sweeter range including a Ruby Port which many of my friends liked.

In addition to enjoying a tour, the beautiful weather and drinking wine, part of the goal during the day was to take lots of cool photos. I tried my best, but with my little point and shoot Nikon Coolpix S560, taking photos in the low light of the wine cellars proved difficult – and I’m sure the tour didn’t want to wait an hour for me to take a billion pictures. I tried my best to capture the somewhat erie underground light. I kept my flash off and tried to hold my camera as still as I could to draw in as much detail and natural light as possible.

With some editting, they turned out a little better than I initially thought they could be and are presented below. I hope you enjoy my take on “culture.”








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