Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

"up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com

As a designer, it’s hard to not love photography. It helps fuel my creative spirit and inspire me.

I’ve decided to start participating in weekly photo challenge, sponsored by The Daily Post to motivated myself to always have a camera on hand to find inspiration from all around.

I love to capture the details, the sometimes overlooked, and the life around me. Often I like to get up close and personal, as you may have noticed from many of my food photos. Sometimes I’m surprise my lens doesn’t have my dinner all over it. Other times I try to look at thing from different angles and perspectives.

This week’s photo challenge is Up.

With new flowers and greenery sprouting at every turn, I decided that “up” was going to focus on growth, and my camera perspective would be shot from below, looking up.

The first set were taken inside. I’ve been nurturing a few potted plants on our bay window, trying my best to keep them watered and alive.

"Up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com

"Up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com

"Up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com

For the second set, I went outside to take pictures around our yard and crossed the street to photograph one of my favorite Spring flowers, forsythias. It’s been a beautiful weekend here in New Jersey. It was a wonderful day to be outside.

"Up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com

"Up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com

"Up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com

"Up" - serifandspice.wordpress.com


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