When life gives you lemons


Spring was in the air last week. Daffodils have sprung up randomly in our yard and the buds on the trees are starting. Soon, New Jersey will be bursting at the seams with bright yellow Forsythia flowers that seem to line almost every yard and highway in the state. In typical Spring fashion, we were teased with a few beautiful days of unseasonably warm 80 degrees weather, followed by a jarring two days of 40 degree rainy days.

In my mind, the start of Spring signals the end of the cooking season for chili’s, soups, stews, and meat loafs. But it was COLD last Thursday! I needed soup. And soup I was gonna have.  Fortunately for me, one of my go-to cooking websites published a lemony-dill orzo chicken soup. It sounded bright and refreshing while still holding onto the true essence of what a good soup should be – heart warming. My plan was to mostly stick to the recipe but swap out orzo for quinoa to keep it gluten free and I added spinach for an extra kick of veggies. After work I bought all the ingredients needed and set off to make the soup, all the while taking photographs of the process because I had positive feelings that it would turn out great.

It’s too bad I was wrong.

It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. I was disappointed. I get a little down on myself when I have so much anticipation for a recipe that turns out to be a dud. But it happens. Sometimes.

Fortunately, one positive thing I could take away from that experience was some lovely photos. They’re too bright and happy not to share. And they remind me of spring.






3 responses to “When life gives you lemons

    • Thank you! I take a lot of time to try to shoot the best ones I can with the little point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix (S560) that I have. I do a tiny amount of editing in photoshop, but that’s it – nothing fancy. I dream of the day that I can upgrade to a digital SLR.

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