Maui oh wowi

Alright, I know that’s not the best headline. But it sounded cute when I thought of it and sometimes that’s all that matters, right? You’re probably shaking your head side-to-side in disagreement, but that’s okay. Moving on.

Adam and I are going to Maui this summer for his brother’s destination wedding. We booked our flights this past weekend and are now getting very excited about the trip. Can I start the countdown now? 162 days to be exact, according to a count down calculator. Waahoo Oahu! Too much? Yes. And we’re not even going to that island anyway. Calm yourself, Michaela.

After almost a 12 hour trip leaving NJ at 6 a.m., we’ll be arriving in Maui around noon. No, my math isn’t wrong. The time zone change is crazy. Hello, jet lag. The first night we’re staying at boutique style hotel, Hotel Wailea. Located in the Wailea/Makena region of Maui on the southwest side of the island, it sits upon a hilltop with picturesque views of the beaches below. We splurged for a panoramic ocean view suite. I hope it lives up to our expectations.

We chose this hotel for something different than what we’d experience the rest of the week. We know we won’t have much time left that day for the beach so there was no need for beach side hotel. Our plan, assuming we don’t pass out in hotel room as soon as we get there, is to relax at their pool and/or go to the spa for a massage, and then have a nice dinner at one of their two restaurants.

The next day we’ll be joining our family at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort which is conveniently located just about 5 minutes away from Hotel Wailea. The hotel sits directly on the beach and I’ve heard there’s great snorkeling directly off shore. From the pictures I’ve seen, this hotel looks awesome. Did you see the courtyard pictured above? Beautiful. We don’t golf, but the greens sure look pretty. Location wise, the hotel is the southern most hotel in the Makena Beach strip. Reviews from Trip Advisor  say it’s one of the least touristy of the larger hotels on the island, which is right up our alley.

Photos courtesy /

Photos courtesy

I’ve done a little bit of preliminary research for our trip. So far, I’ve only come up with one concrete request for the trip. I’d like to go to Star Noodle where Sheldon Simeon is the head chef. He was a finalists on season 10 of the Bravo TV series Top Chef and a two-time James Beard semifinalist for “rising star” and “best new restaurant” in 2011. Adam and I were routing for him to win all season long. Sadly, he was voted out before the final episode. Tear. But we hopefully will get to meet him and taste his food! Whatever he made always looked so tasty and he just seemed like such a nice guy. Fortunately for us, if he had won his season, he’d most likely be so busy with “Top Chef stuff” (official term) and would probably not even be at his restaurant when we are there. He could very well not be there when we are there, but we hope he is. SHELDON, please be there!

Aside from arriving at each of our hotels, relaxing on the beach, going to the spa at each resort, attending the wedding, and eating at Star Noodle we don’t have many plans further than that.

Other ideas that have crossed my mind have been to take a trip to the dormant volcano on Maui, buy Kona coffee somewhere – hopefully somewhere that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg, attend a luau, drive a portion of the Road to Hana, eat lots of good food, and snorkel. That’s about it. Maybe hike a little – but nothing too strenuous and nothing that takes all day.

So I’m asking you, yes YOU, for some recommendations. Have you been to Maui? What did you do? Where should we eat? What did you love? What things can we skip? If you’ve never been there, has anyone ever said to you, “Oh you must do this when on Maui!”? If you’re one of my Facebook friends reading this because I linked it to the news feed, respond on here on the blog rather than on the Facebook comments. I’d like to get a conversation going. Bloggers who I don’t know, let me know what you think. Give me some suggestions. I’d love to hear from everyone!


4 responses to “Maui oh wowi

  1. Katie and I went there for our honeymoon. I would definatly see the sunrise on Haleakala (the dormant volcano), but warning its gets cold. (Its interesting seeing the sun come up through the clouds). If you are active there is a bike tour you can do where you take a bus up, see the sunrise, then bike down. The road to Hanna was amazing, definatly rent a car with no top if you are doing that, either a jeep or a convertible. Katie and I spent about 8 hours on teh road to Hanna. Also if you are doing that, check at a local gas station for a Road to Hanna tour CD. You can buy it for only like $10, and you put it in at a certain mile marker, and it plays while you drive and tells you what you are seeing, and where you can get off to see waterfalls, etc. Definatly worth it. Lastly for snorkeling, check out the Molekini crater, you take a boat out to it, and its supposed to be great. Katie and I did “SNUBA” there and it was cool. The only thing we regretted was doing a Luau, it was way too touristy for us, if you can find a local one it might be more fun, but the one we did was like tourist wrangling.
    Are you doing any other islands while there?
    Enjoy, Hawaii might be the best place on the planet.

    • Thanks, Rich! We’re only going to Maui for the week because of limited vacation time and other factors. Do you remember which luau you went to? They had SNUBA in Aruba and we thought about trying it there, so maybe this time we’ll give a go! The tips for The Road to Hana are also great to know.

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